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Masters on Kriya


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Thus Spake Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya (1828-1895)

Spiritual success and material success are both humanly possible-material success by hard work, and spiritual success through acquiring wisdom.


Self-realization does not occur through fasting, ritual or dipping in holy rivers. Control of body and mind, taking sattvic food and cultivating sattvic thoughts is conducive to God-realization.


Withdrawing the mind from worldly matters, if one turns it inwards he will rediscover the hidden treasure inside.


Constantly observe yourself.


Many great saints attained salvation by the raja vidya raja guhya path -
the royal science and hidden path of meditation Kriya Yoga.

As a rich harvest is reaped by regular cultivation, Godhood is attained by regular and constant practice of meditation.


The very touch of the Guru can elevate a sincere disciple to an advanced stage but only his unceasing practice combined with love, faith and devotion will lead him to God realization.


Through the practice of Kriya Yoga the Kriyavan is endowed with great spiritual power.

When a piece of charcoal is set on fire the dirt is removed.

Sages and saints are divine but greater is my Guru.

When the sun shines, the wind blows or the rain comes down, they do not discriminate. They are equal to all.


God is very subtle beyond the perception of senses and beyond description. He is omnipresent with no beginning and end. He is manifested by His own deeds and can be conceived only by consciousness.


Through Kriya, the soul residing in the body perceives many images within itself.

Space is created from Brahman. From space air is formed which is immanent in all beings making them active and still, like Mahadeva [Lord Shiva] who is active and also still.

Discuss Kriya Yoga only with spiritually inclined people.


In the kutastha [soul center] there is darkness surrounded by a golden ring. A tiny star with the effulgence of the sun is in the center, which opens the door to Purushottama [the Supreme Being].


Purusha [the Cosmic Man] in the kutastha is Purushottama. When one goes through the door of the kutastha he realizes Purushottama.

Kutastha is nara or water. Ayana is to reside and so the name Narayana [God].

Kutastha is unmanifested and eternal, it is existent and non-existent residing in the soul. He has created and creates everything. He is Brahman himself.

Mind emanates from soul. Good or bad is a stage of mind. It has to be realized. Sa is ham, which means that soul and I are one.

All sense objects are enjoyed by the senses. Eyes, car, nose, tongue and skin enjoy beauty, sound, smell, taste and touch.


The body with the five senses and the soul have a subtle power. The eyes behold the beauty of the formless, the ears hear the Om sound of the soundless, the tongue tastes the secretion which is unsecreted, the nose detects an undetectable fragrance, and the skin feels the touch sensation that is beyond touch.


The atma [soul] enveloped in its own letter Omkar is the basis of everything. The subtle body of five senses and ego cannot be easily perceived. In the soul all these reside hidden and so are called the body of the soul.

By the power of the soul, all the bhutas [basic elements] perform the subtle work. The five senses, the mahatattva [cosmological principles], the atma [soul] and the paramapurusha [Supreme Soul] are powerful.


From the subtle image of pancatanmatra [five subtle elements], Omkara, the imperishable and the perishable body are created.


The practice of pranayama [breath control] and mahamudra [supreme seal of physical postures] are not to be learned from a book. These have to be learned from a perfect and realized Guru.


By the proper practice of yoga, body consciousness ceases to exist. During this stage one comes across many experiences like meeting with disembodied siddha purushas [perfected beings].


God does everything. Life is only a medium. If one lives surrendering everything to Him one will not have any worries. Kriya should be done by well-established procedures and agreed upon methods.


Remaining established in the ecstasy born of Kriya, if one does his work it is beneficial to him.


Kriya should be done in a manner, which would not cause pain or vacillation. Once calmness (stillness) is established it should not be disturbed by diverting to pranayama or other Kriyas.


Regularly increase the practice of mahamudra. Giving up of non-vegetarian food like meat and fish is conducive to Kriya Yoga. Regular practice of Kriya Yoga gives a positive reinforcement of sadhana.


Dinner should be eaten before 9 p.m. The practice of Kriya Yoga should not be painful. If it is pleasurable then increase Kriya.


Do mahamudra and Kriya with kechari [keeping the tongue in a particular mudra].


When you experience the body-less stage it is good to satiate the planets.


Kriya Yoga is to be done for obtaining liberation. Longevity, pleasure and enjoyment are ephemeral.


Liberation is the ultimate goal to be achieved.


If one works with inner detachment even while remaining in the world one can mitigate the bad karma.


Kriya is to be done without the thought of past or future. Always remain conscious of the prana (breath). Worldly duties are to be performed remaining always in paravastha [the supreme stage].


The world is a training ground for many tests in many fields. Do not be deluded by satanic forces. Always be mindful of your soul.


During summer do Kriya as long as it can be comfortably done. During wintertime the practice of Kriya can be increased.


Kriya is Veda itself. The practice of Kriya is equivalent to the recitation of the Vedas. The paravastha stage after Kriya is Vedanta.


Every one is inherently divine. No man is evil. It is only the mind, which may be good or bad.


Success in Kriya depends on deep love, devotion and mental disposition.


Do not practice Kriya during thunder.


Delusion results from the sense of I and mine. Attachment to any objects leads to preoccupation of the mind.


Remember everything is God. After practicing Kriya try to always remain in paravastha.


Do not worry over ephemeral and perishable issues. Enjoying the fruits of your actions is inevitable.


Why do you think so much? Why do you fear?

If you are weak you cannot be a yogi. As long as you have the shade of a tree and the water from the river there is no reason for fear.


Money makes people dance like toys. It does not bring real peace. Do not worry about the uncertainty of the future.


During Kriya one has to be mentally strong. Remember that you belong to no one and no one belongs to you and you have to leave everything one day.


The sooner the delusive attachment to body and flesh is given up, the closer you are to God. That eternal truth is beyond good or bad. Even the good has to be surrendered to the Guru. In that state even your body feels like the body of Shri Gurudev.


While doing japa [recitation of seed-syllables] in every chakra, remain in the fontanel. After Kriya remain merged in paravastha-the tranquil breath state. This state is of Krishna or Godhood.


Krishna comes from the root krish-meaning "to cultivate" and na means "to negate." The union of the two results in the still breath-prana krishna. Those who practice it are gopis [cowherds and Krishna's playmates] and prana Krishna manifests in them.


While practicing Kriya one has to remember his Guru often, which removes disturbances and hurdles. Practiced properly, Kriya gives peace and bliss.


Propagation of Kriya purifies the mind and gives one the blessings of God and Gurus. To give Kriya initiation is a supreme and sattvic donation. After the regular practice of asanas [postures] and Kriya in the morning and evening one should take panchagavya and panchamrita [five nectars].


Try and keep your attention on the breath. Practice mahamudra in the morning and evening to make the breath even in both nostrils. Pregnant women are not to do Kriya. Mental Kriya can be practiced instead. Three months after the delivery, if the body is fit, the practice of Kriya can be resumed.


If uneasiness is felt while concentrating in the middle of the eyebrows, keep attention and alertness above the sahasrara ["thousand-petaled lotus", i.e. the seventh chakra]; do not practice jyoti mudra [revelation of the divine light].


Sitting on a seat, keep practicing till you are thirsty. One may take some water or ghee [clarified butter] if thirsty.


First purify the mind by right eating and right thinking. When the breath becomes still the inner gaze will be ever fixed in the kutastha. There will not be desire for any work and even while working it feels like not doing. Raja yoga becomes a religion.


A saint can read the mind of anyone by fixing his gaze on his or her eyes. It will reveal to him the person's nature, achievement and deception. This can relieve the sorrow of the person and also the means for liberation can be recognized.  


Withdrawing the mind from worldly matters, if one turns it inwards
he will rediscover the hidden treasure inside.

- Lahiri Mahasaya  
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